24 January 2014 @ 07:56 pm
So, stuff always happens in the last days before Festivids Go Live, apparently. Small troubles all week long. Then a death in my family - I was really grateful to have Festivids projects to take my mind off things. But of course on Wednesday my laptop decided to give up, just when I thought I'd finally get in a couple more treats after all. It ended up being easily fixable, just a broken power supply that I got replaced, but it completely wrecked my timing schedule and cost me two days of time I could have spent vidding. :| So I got my laptop back yesterday evening and spent the entire night and most of my day finishing and correcting stuff in one vid, and panicking over the fact that I have RL plans tomorrow and will only have one night left before Go Live. I also owe a vid beta to someone and should maybe gET SOME SLEEP AT SOME POINT OH GOD.

I can totally finish three vids in one night though, right? ...right?

Ugh I'm just so frustrated. I HAD SO MANY PLANS. Like REAL, SOLID ideas for at least ten Festivids, with songs picked out and everything, and I could have made them ALL if I didn't procrastinate so much.

I'm really really fond of the vids I did manage to make though and looking forward to Sunday so much. Could use a happy day.