31 January 2016 @ 01:05 pm
I got three perfect amazing vids this year!!!!!!!!

Centuries, a Wayne's World vid
Commander Badass, a tribute to Commander Lewis from The Martian
Wir beide, a Kommissar Rex vid

WHERE DO I EVEN BEGINNNNNNN. I am so happy that two of my long-time requests have been filled, both of which were extremely formative fandoms of my childhood, and that I got a vid about one of my biggest fandoms of 2015 in addition to that. So happy.

I made 3 vids this year (...again) and I think only one of them is pretty obvious, although so far none of the guessers in the official Guess the Festividder post seem to think so.
I also abandoned more WIPs than usual this Festivids and felt a bit awful about it but a couple of those requests were filled by other vidders, so that and my amazing gifts for me made me feel a lot better about it.

I haven't watched many vids yet but here's a handful of not-for-me-vids that I loved so far:

Pick a Part That's New, Long Way Round/Down - watch it for Ewan McGregor's butt and a fuckin' bear
This Must Be The Place, Fear The Walking Dead - it's so beautiful and wistful
Still Alive, Black Sails - HILARIOUS PIRATES
Galaxyrise - multifandom in spaaaaaace
Elliot, Mr. Robot - I don't have words to describe this, it's just so interesting
Your Mother, Saga - this is just so amazing technically. How does one put so much movement into static comic book pages, vidder is probably a wizard

01 February 2015 @ 05:55 pm
Yooooo, I'm actually doing recs for the first time this year!

Celluloid Heroes is the vid I received and you should watch it and leave a comment because it's not yet getting all the love it deserves! It's about the movie Girl, and it's probably the vid I expected THE LEAST because I've never met anyone who knew the movie. It's such a sweet vid that made me smile all the way through and feel all warm and fuzzy with nostalgia. <3

Vids not for me that I loved:

Know Today (The Brain Scoop) - Emily being cute and doing science.

Nothing But Time (Gravity) - Ryan Stone battles the elements and is reborn.

Love is Blue (Live After Beth) - Boy and girl fall in love. Girl dies. What now?

Take Me to Church (Luther) - "The universe isn't evil, John, it's just indifferent."

I'll be there for you (Pit Bulls and Parolees) - PUPPIES

Black Widow (Practical Magic) - You should've known better than to mess with me, honey.

Le Gusta El Fuego (The Purge) - I tell myself most every night, "Your enemy's yourself."

Can't Stop (Romeo + Juliet) - East side love is living on the west end (When this line came up I thought "oi, this would have been the perfect line for the summary" and then I scrolled up and IT WAS. I like your brain, mystery vidder)

Grow Old With Me (Six Feet Under) - Just you and I.

Fame (Transparent) - "No one's ever seen me but me." Maura, Sarah, Ali