18 May 2015 @ 05:17 am
I got sucked into Marvel Heroes 2015 and it's a bit of a problem. Been trying to talk friends into joining, too, but it just feels like bad timing because so many people are suffering from MCU/superhero fatigue at the moment. Me included - I'm not even really planning to see AoU any time soon, but the game has managed to reignite the spark a bit. (And given me a reason to finally catch up on the X-Men movies, since I play Rogue as my main and fell head over heels in love with her.)

It would be even more fun with friends, though! [personal profile] goodbyebird made a supergroup (aka a guild) for the two of us, but a supergroup made up of two people isn't much of a supergroup and gbb is going back to work this week, so I'll be all by myself again. I found this amazing guild for women (but not exclusive to women) today and would love to join it, but wanna see if I can find a group of people I actually know first. (Or a few people to join that guild with me?)

So, uh, anyone interested? Anyone already playing? It's the first MMO I've ever played and I was wary at first, but found it comforting to know that you don't *have* to play with others, and the learning curve isn't as steep as it seemed. It's ridiculous amounts of fun, the story is cool and you can play the whole thing without ever spending a penny.