27 January 2017 @ 09:40 pm
Title: Tanz aus der Reihe
Fandom: Ku'damm 56
Music: Tanz aus der Reihe by Silbermond
Length: 02:39
Summary: For the girl who was rocking 'n' rolling against the conventions of her time.
Content notes: suicidal ideation, nudity
a treat for [personal profile] bingeling, Festivids 2016.
originally posted here.

Tumblr | AO3

Download (x264 mp4, 99.2 MB, 720p)
zip includes English and German subtitle files.

First off, I can't thank [personal profile] bingeling enough for requesting this and introducing me to this wonderful miniseries. I decided to check it out after reading her letter and I don't think I can put into words how much I enjoyed it. It blew me away. As bingeling said in one of her tweets, I didn't know German tv could DO that. The posters (and that DVD cover, ugh) and marketing really don't do it justice and made it look unnecessarily kitschy, which it isn't, at all. In essence it is about the lives and relationships of four women in 1956 Berlin, where the impact of the war is still felt in subtle and not so subtle ways.

Some viewers expressed interest in watching it after seeing the vid. It is available on Netflix in some countries (that list seems to be incomplete, though - better check your local Netflix for yourself) and I would also be happy to help you find other ways to watch it, although I haven't been able to find any English subtitles for it yet. :(


Alles, was mein Herz begehrt, [Everything my heart desires]
liegt hier zu meinen Füßen [lies right here at my feet]
Ahnungslos und unbeschwert [Unknowing and unburdened]
werd' ich die Nacht begrüßen [I will welcome the night]

Ich fühl' die Welt im Takt pulsieren [I feel the world pulsating to the beat]
und stumme Lichter gleißen [and silent lights gleaming]
Und ich tauch' ein und balancier' [And I'm diving in and balancing]
mit meinen Möglichkeiten [with my possibilities]

Für diese Nacht wird es wohl das Beste sein, [Tonight it may be best]
ich tauche jede Last ins Vergessen ein [to forget every burden]
Und es ist mir egal, was die Welt dazu meint [And I don't care what the world thinks about it]
Diese Füße wissen heut' nur eins [These feet know only one thing today]

Ich tanz' aus der Reihe [I'm stepping out of line]

Verbrechen werden heut' vertagt [Crimes will be postponed today]
und auf meine Art und Weise [and in my own way]
lass ich heut' alle Klagen fallen [I will drop all charges]
aus Mangel an Beweisen [for lack of evidence]

Was hier mit mir passiert, das weiß ich nicht [What's happening to me here, I don't know]
Ich weiß nur, das was ich hier seh', das begeistert mich [All I know is I'm inspired by what I'm seeing]
Heut' ist mir egal, was die Welt dazu meint [Today I don't care what the world thinks about it]
Jetzt zähl' ich drei, zwei, eins [I'm counting three, two, one]

Stell dir vor du bist nicht alleine [Imagine you're not alone]
Und alles tanzt, jeder tanzt aus der Reihe [And everything, everyone's dancing, stepping out of line]

Tanz aus der Reihe [Step out of line]
Komm, tanz' aus der Reihe [Come on, step out of line]
Tanz aus der Reihe [Step out of line]
Komm und fühl' dich frei, [Come and feel free]
als wär's das letzte Mal [as if it was the last time]

Komm und tanz' heut' Nacht aus der Reihe mit mir [Come and step out of line with me tonight]
Bis die Nacht ihr Licht an den Morgen verliert [Until the night loses its light to the morning]

Tanz' mit mir [Dance with me]
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