21 January 2017 @ 05:32 am
vidding meme 2015/2016  
Last year I procrastinated until it was far too late to do the meme, so I'm covering 2 years this time. Whatev.

January '15
You & I Sail, Only Lovers Left Alive
The Monster, Black Swan
Shake It Off, Maleficent

August '15
Na Na Na, Mad Max

January '16
A Forest, Limbo
Fire Starter, Supergirl
Under Pressure, The Martian

December '16
Moonlight Shadow, Rogue One

My favorite video this year (of my own)
The Monster is one of the hardest vids I've made but it's the one where I feel all that work paid off the most. I love it a lot.

My least favourite video this year
I have a complicated relationship with You & I Sail because I found the static footage extremely hard to work with and put a lot of pressure on myself. I had a vision of what I wanted it to be and the end result was something completely different and I was disappointed in myself. I hope I'll learn to appreciate it more some day.

Most successful video
Na Na Na. I mentioned on Twitter that it is the only one of my vids where viewer numbers and engagement are equal across all platforms, which was new and really interesting to me because usually when a vid is popular on Youtube or Tumblr it doesn't get much love among fellow vidders/DW and vice versa.

Video most under-appreciated by the universe
Moonlight Shadow. I feel very shy about the vid and didn't advertise it enough as a result so it might be my own fault. I think I poured too much heart into it in too little time and had too much hope that people would like it but it was mostly just for myself and that's kind of nice too.

Most fun video
Under Pressure because it was easy to make and involved lots of fun planning and squeeing with [personal profile] goodbyebird , and the movie just makes me happy.

Video with single sexiest moment
I cannot think of one. I don't make sexy vids?

Biggest vid fail
My lazy ass. Just the fact that I barely even made any vids.

Hardest video to make
The Monster because I tried so many new things in it with effects, motion and the music genre. It was a very frantic vidding process and I joked that I came close to transforming into the Black Swan myself when I looked into the mirror after my final all-nighter and had a ruptured blood vessel in my eye.

Most unintentionally telling video
Moonlight Shadow because the father-daughter-theme ended up becoming more prominent than I had intended and it was the year where I reconciled with my own father, so it was appropriate for this vid to be my last of 2016.

Things I've learned
I wish I had learned some creative things this year but can't think of anything.
I switched to Vegas 13 this year and have lost the ability to easily use Avisynth scripts in this version, which forced me to adapt to a new prepping process. I now change containers from mkv to mp4 with ffmpeg so I can import it directly.
It comes with more cons than pros: Vegas messes with the colours and gamma of mp4s after importing so I always have to tinker with filters in post-processing and it's annoying as fuck; depending on the audio codec used in the original mkv file, it won't work in the new container; I don't get as much control; it's less frame-accurate; and it all requires more HDD space, which always sucks. I learned how to do deal with these things but still wish there was a better way.

Things to work on
Discipline. Time management when there are deadlines (I have 3 months to make a festivid so why do I do most of the work in the last 2 weeks? ffs.)

Vid projects I definitely want to get finished this upcoming year
I feel like I should never mention this project again because every time I do it adds another year of production time like a curse, but that god damn TWD vid I've been working on for 4 years needs to get the fuck done this year. If not I should retire from vidding.
Same kinda goes for my Sons of Anarchy vid, and then there's a The Leftovers vid I would like to start working on when the show ends this year.

Resolutions for 2017
I want to reply to more comments and leave more comments myself. I don't thank commenters enough. I used to be really good at keeping up with them and even responded to every reply during Festivids, but at some point just dropped it for no reason other than that I felt silly saying 'thank you' again and again. But that doesn't mean it's not genuine.
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Mith[personal profile] mithborien on January 22nd, 2017 04:41 pm (UTC)
(I have 3 months to make a festivid so why do I do most of the work in the last 2 weeks? ffs.)

Same! I have so many plans for so many vids to make and then nope, I barely manage to get one done on time.
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kuwdora[personal profile] kuwdora on January 23rd, 2017 05:39 am (UTC)
I also mention in my vid review memes how I should never make predictions or resolutions for the next year because I never end up following what I hope for, haaa.

Your hard work in Monster really shines while it is verrryyy apparent how much you love The Martian. ♥
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