03 February 2018 @ 08:57 pm
This year I made:

Rainbowland (The Good Place)
The Scientist (Arrival)

It will take me a little longer to fix up the signed download of The Scientist because my project file is somehow cursed. I apologise!

I sneakily recced both of them even though nobody guessed me for them because I have no shame.
28 January 2018 @ 01:30 am
It was FESTIVIDS day and I got FOUR beautiful vids! I never got so many gift vids before! I made two this year, and you will get nothing if you guess me for them. Except for my praise.


Two Inside vids, Last Ray of Light and Bela Lugosi's Dead, they are very different from each other but both accurately portray this particular mood the game put me in, which kind of makes me want to CRAWL OUT OF MY SKIN, and I love that vids can do that. It's an uneasiness and repulsion that I think I'd never felt before. I watched these right after the Waypoint vid that I got, and the change of mood legit gave me whiplash that I needed to recover from before I could continue watching other vids. They're an experience. Giant human globs, y'all.

Rise, a lovely tribute to Drummer, one of my favourite characters in The Expanse who I feel doesn't get the amount of fandom attention she deserves so I am very happy this exists now because I love her and this vid SO MUCH. On one hand I really want to request this fandom every year for all of Festivids' eternity, but on the other hand at the rate we're all making these for each other it might become ineligible at some point soon, oops.

And Crowbar & Sickle for Waypoint's Breakfast & Battlegrounds, which, okay so I had a little freakout about this on twitter and I still don't understand that this EXISTS and someone made that for ME - like, I've never heard anyone in my circles talk about Waypoint, so it's possible this person watched it all BECAUSE OF MY REQUEST and possibly fell in love with it because they must have watched HOURS OF IT to pick up on the community's attitude and inside jokes that they included in the vid, and I am just so AAAAAAA about this. Waypoint and its community were one of the things that carried me through 2017 so having this vid and knowing that someone was so dedicated is really very precious to me.

I HAVE A FEW OTHER RECS TOO but I am no longer capable of using words, so have emotes.

:O :D :')
We Built This City, the Belters (The Expanse)

:D :')
Unwritten, Janet character study (The Good Place)
This Love (Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love)

:D :D
Let's Get It Started (Fraggle Rock)
Hey Ya (What We Do in the Shadows)
Too Sexy For My Fangs (What We Do in the Shadows)
Rainbowland (The Good Place)

:O :'(
Kings and Queens and Vagabonds (The Last Unicorn)

:O :)
Human of the Year (Arrival)

:'( :')
The Scientist (Arrival)

:o :O
Relativism (Arrival)
08 January 2018 @ 05:56 pm
I've stabilised on an average of only 4 vids per year, which makes me really sad.

In 2017 I made:

English Summer Rain, How I Live Now
Tanz aus der Reihe, Ku'damm 56
Infinity, No Man's Sky
The Outsiders, The Expanse

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30 October 2017 @ 09:36 pm
Dear Festividder! Thank you for making me a vid. Make the kind of vid that makes you happy. ♥

On music: My profile is here and contains 11 years worth of my evolving musical tastes, in case you'd like some help on that. But I'm really easy to please and can enjoy any kind of music in vids.

REQUESTS: Better Call Saul, The Expanse, Inside, Mindhunter, Mom, Night in the Woods, Split, Waypoint's Breakfast & Battlegrounds )
19 October 2017 @ 08:23 pm
Title: The Outsiders
Fandom: The Expanse
Music: The Outsiders by Needtobreathe
Length: 04:09
Summary: On the outside, we've found a home. | For the ragtag group of crew mates aboard the Rocinante, and the outsiders they fight for.

an [community profile] equinox_exchange treat for [personal profile] colls

AO3 | Tumblr | Download (x264 mp4, 720p, 154 MB, includes subtitle file)

This vid would've needed more time to simmer and a couple good rounds of betaing to give it the depth I really wanted it to have, but I started too late and had about 2 days to finish it, so it's mostly just my raw, unfiltered, un-beta'd Roci team feels. Which, now that a few more days have passed, I am actually okay with! I'm glad that people got some joy out of it :)

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22 August 2017 @ 05:28 pm
I guess I could finally post this 4 month old draft?? I guess.

Title: Infinity
Fandom: No Man's Sky
Music: Sun by Sleeping At Last
Length: 04:00
Summary: That we may fall in love every time we open up our eyes.
Content notes: bright flashes, footage of a large but friendly spider-like creature
made for [personal profile] jetpack_monkey during Spring Equinox Vid Exchange 2017

AO3 | Tumblr

Download (x264 mp4, zips include subtitle file):
720p (146 MB)
1080p (201 MB)

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Outtakes )

Credits for mods & Steam workshop resources:
Chromatic Aberration + Vignetting + Scan Lines Removal by Atari
Darc Flight by darconizer
No Pirates + No Random Sentinels by Mjjstral
Slightly More Common Rare Creatures by gtdcarthage
Cheat Engine tables one and two by deadendthrills
Cheat Engine table by Squall8 (see link for further credits)
Aurora by TooCrispy
The Farm by Murashi
Green planet with huge dinosaurs by NeedRed
Path Finder Hub by Hello Games
Waveform Station by Eli
12 February 2017 @ 01:34 pm
Dear Equinox vidder! Thank you for making me a vid! ♥ You cannot go wrong with whatever you choose to make and even if I state particular preferences within any of these fandoms, they are only suggestions. (...which it says in the exchange rules, ofc, but I don't want you to have any doubts. :) )

My profile is here and contains 10 years worth of my evolving musical tastes, in case you'd like some help on that. But I'm really easy to please.

My requests:

Alien: Isolation
music suggestion: Ash Tree Lane by MS MR
The vid I always wanted to make (but never will) was about Amanda's personal journey in finding out what happened to her mother and mixed both footage from the game and the movies. It didn't work out but maybe you could build on that? Or, you know, a wacky vid about the alien would be amazing.

I haven't cried this much at a movie in a while; I dunno, maybe ever. Make me feel an EMOTION! I love Brand, a vid about her would be cool, or humanity's journey into the unknown, space travel, and all the beautiful imagery itself.

Mass Effect
characters: Jack, Legion, James, Javik, Thane, Garrus, the Mako (yes, the Mako's got enough personality to count as a character)
These games are what sparked my interest in SPACE, so without them I probably wouldn't even be writing this letter! My canon playthrough is with M!Shep as I prefer Mark Meer's voice acting, but I'm currently in the middle of a playthrough as FemShep and either of them would be cool with me as the protagonist in a vid.
There's nothing I don't love about it but my absolute favourite character and romance option is Jack, in case you want to focus on one character.
I would also be very into a vid that explores the ethical and philosophical questions that arise with the choice of any of the endings, but the Synthesis ending in particular (it is my canon ending) and its impact on the universe.
And then, Mass Effect Andromeda will be out in March and going from everything we know about it so far, I'm about 99% sure that I will love it, so you could even vid that. Liam is my favourite of the new characters!

No Man's Sky
I have put roughly 150 hours into this game and still haven't reached the center of the galaxy, but I'm still surprised by new discoveries and awed by every sunrise that I get to see. I would love even just a slideshow of your prettiest planets or the coolest ships, honestly. THE UNIVERSE IS YOUR PLAYGROUND!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
characters: Bodhi, Chirrut, Baze, K-2SO
I love that we got a Star Wars movie about the raw horror and bitterness of war. I would appreciate a vid about that just as much as one about the more hopeful side and teaminess of the Rogue One crew or the rebellion as a whole.

Tales from the Borderlands
music suggestions: Can't Hold Us by Macklemore or Pentatonix; With a Little Help from My Friends from the Across the Universe OST; Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance (I would make that vid myself if I hadn't used the song before!)
I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR. This is my favourite Telltalle game and I would love a vid about the whole group and the shenanigans they get into, or about Fiona and Sasha, or about Scooter.
27 January 2017 @ 09:40 pm
Title: Tanz aus der Reihe
Fandom: Ku'damm 56
Music: Tanz aus der Reihe by Silbermond
Length: 02:39
Summary: For the girl who was rocking 'n' rolling against the conventions of her time.
Content notes: suicidal ideation, nudity
a treat for [personal profile] bingeling, Festivids 2016.
originally posted here.

Tumblr | AO3

Download (x264 mp4, 99.2 MB, 720p)
zip includes English and German subtitle files.

First off, I can't thank [personal profile] bingeling enough for requesting this and introducing me to this wonderful miniseries. I decided to check it out after reading her letter and I don't think I can put into words how much I enjoyed it. It blew me away. As bingeling said in one of her tweets, I didn't know German tv could DO that. The posters (and that DVD cover, ugh) and marketing really don't do it justice and made it look unnecessarily kitschy, which it isn't, at all. In essence it is about the lives and relationships of four women in 1956 Berlin, where the impact of the war is still felt in subtle and not so subtle ways.

Some viewers expressed interest in watching it after seeing the vid. It is available on Netflix in some countries (that list seems to be incomplete, though - better check your local Netflix for yourself) and I would also be happy to help you find other ways to watch it, although I haven't been able to find any English subtitles for it yet. :(

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