24 October 2016 @ 11:42 am
Dear Festividder  

MUSIC: My last.fm profile is here and contains 10 years worth of my evolving musical tastes, in case you'd like some help on that. But I'm really easy to please.

This game made me cry from sadness and awe and left me feeling melancholy for days. I've considered vidding it myself, but the nature of the story and visuals make it seem like an almost impossible venture, which is why I think any kind of vid about it would be fascinating. Most of the plot unravels through dialogue spoken by barely visible glowy people! Still, it's visually stunning, there's probably a lot you could do with the imagery the game uses so beautifully, and I wouldn't mind if you worked in the dialogue as voice-overs either.

FTL | Trailer
HOW WOULD YOU EVEN VID THIS? I don't know. Which is why I hope someone will do it and SHOW ME. It's weird how this game can make you care about tiny faceless pixel people who make up your ship's crew. Maybe a vid could spin a narrative around this. It could be intense or dramatic as most of the game is or focus on the funny bits of text/story instead.

INSIDE | Trailer
(That trailer, by the way, is a bit of an artistic masterpiece and unlike any other game trailer I've seen as it shows no gameplay at all, but I picked that one because it impressed me so much.)
This is another indie gem from the makers of Limbo, maybe the most memorable game I've played this year. It sticks with you, whether you want it to or not. IT'S SO BLEAK. I'd like a vid to capture the same sense of depression, gloom and repulsion that the game makes you feel.

I've rewatched this a bunch of times already because it's quickly become one of my favourite pick-me-up films. It's gorgeous and funny and cute and about love and family. I'd love any kind of vid about this.

This show, to me, is about grief and loss, but also hope and the knowledge that the people you lose will never truly leave you. A vid that explores these themes would be awesome. My favs are Matt and Nora, but this show is full of interesting characters you could focus on.

OXENFREE | Trailer (cn: physical triggers, flashing lights)
This is the most visually interesting game I've played in a while, beautiful and unique in a way I've never seen before. The voice acting is fantastic and I wouldn't mind if you included it, maybe combined with instrumental music. Every one of the characters is intriguing on their own, but I would most like to see a vid about Alex, or Alex and Michael, or everyone as a group and their evolving relationships.

I loved this show as a kid and recently started rewatching it, and it is SUCH A JOY. A cool approach here would be to stick to a theme, like Halloween episodes or Christmas or even just to pick a single episode to vid, but everything about it makes me happy and any kind of vid would make me happy!

THE TRIBE | Trailer
lol there's not even a real trailer for this, so this is what you get. It's actually a pretty good introduction to the phenomenon that was The Tribe for me.
A The Tribe vid for MEEEE could be about ANYTHING because I love literally everything about this show. I love the found family feels, the relationships, the badass ladies, the ladies in power, the cracky costumes, the crackiness in general (seriously watch this), the relevance of the issues they talk about, the animals, the beautiful New Zealand landscapes, and I even love Bray now even though I disliked him back when I watched it for the first time when I was 12 (and very much in love with Pride so if you decided to make a Pride vid for my 12 year old self and me we would keel over from joy).

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Oh awesome, could they help me out with a vid for a Marvel comics ship that I love?
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